Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ironic with a Why

As Job continued to wonder in chapter 10 why God was making him suffer so, the irony hit me and kinda stung a little bit. Job went on and on about how God was seemingly, to Job, waiting for him to slip up in the slightest so He could slam him back into his rightful lowly place. In reality, God was lifting Job up as the prime example of what a servant of God should be.

And even though Job's ignorance (for which I can't really blame him) prevented him from seeing the full ignominious honor of being lifted up through ultimate suffering (if you read on in the Bible, you might notice that developing into somewhat of a theme in certain places), I'm not sure his verbal assaults in God's direction quite qualify as the fulfillment of Satan's prediction that he would "curse God."

In other words, I don't think Satan won the bet. Still . . . man, you just realize at so many points throughout this book that man does not sit at the center of the universe. I have more important things to do than ponder my place in this world . . . even though that's pretty much part of my daily routine. God help me.

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